We stand at the intersection of academia and the marketplace.

We speak researcher.
We do business.


  1. Truth: We don't pull punches. We don't have secrets. Our process is centered on transparency.
  2. Empathy: We care about each person we meet.
  3. Get Real: We skip prototypes and mockups, if our understanding is clear.
  4. Speed Control: We slow down to understand, camping out to connect the dots, and go like lightning to make it real.
  5. Iteration: We hurry to make something so we can change it! Each step forward deepens our understanding of the problem.
  6. Clean up the mess: We take responsibility for our mistakes.

Case Study

Embedding Project

The Embedding Project helps businesses identify how well sustainability is embedded into their culture. They asked us to build a tool to facilitate the assessment.

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How we create successful software

Great software has the power to transform your work.


To make sure we build the right features, we use a process that helps us understand the problem you’re trying solve and turn it into features that provide immediate value.

code window

We move to code as quickly as possible, so that you can play with the app as soon as there is something to use.

Roller skate, skateboard, and a scooter

We add to the app little by little, adding features and improving the experience, so every feature meets a real need.

Arrows circling 10 days

Because our understanding of the problem evolves as we work on it, we keep our iterations short.

Roller skates reflecting in a mirror

Short iterations give us a regular opportunity to reflect and make adjustments so that all features we add serve your needs.

With this process, we build great software to meet your needs.

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Need help understanding your problem but not build it? We do that too. Just ask

About Loam

Loam Studios was founded in 2011 while Jeff was in graduate school. He had been dreaming of starting a software company since high school. In Grade 9, he was exposed to the business of software development during a trip to his uncle’s software development shop for a job futures project.

A year into graduate school at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Jeff decided it was time to start his own company. He incorporated Loam Studios Inc and began building the company in his spare time.

Loam landed its first big project when Dr. Stephanie Bertels, a professor in SFU’s Beedie School of Business approached him to build a platform to support her research. Previously, Jeff had built a data visualization for her research as a research assistant and it was time to take her work to the next level. Today, the Embedding Project is Loam’s oldest customer.

With more work than he could handle on his own, he brought on Graeme Ellis as a partner to head up the design side of the business. Together, Graeme and Jeff are building the company where they want to work the rest of their lives.

Our vision for Loam is simple. We want to build great software that helps people solve problems. We believe the best technology empowers people to do a job. It’s a tool. It works. It delights with its ease of use and clarity of purpose.


The people that get stuff done!

Jeffrey Guenther


Jeff leads the day-to-day operations of Loam and serves as its primary developer. He earned a BS in Computer Science (2010) and a PhD in Interactive Arts and Technology (2016). He specializes in helping clients understand the problem they're trying to solve and how to transform these needs into a well-crafted system.

When he’s not at work, he loves to workout, play basketball, and cook. He dreams one day of owning a farm with an autonomous chicken coop.

- Twitter

Graeme Ellis


Graeme serves as Loam’s primary designer. Prior to working with Loam, he worked as a photographer and freelance web designer. His empathy allows him to create experiences that delight the user.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys time with his growing family in the countryside of Vancouver Island.

- Instagram


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